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Karl-Eric Devaux

I joined the Hatmill team in April 2018. I have over 15 years experience of improving organisation’s Planning Spines (Product Planning, Demand Planning and Supply Planning & Scheduling).

Product Planning

By implementing world class processes I have helped a client move from launching 2-3 products per year to successfully launching over 3-4 per quarter, aligned with their customers’ launch windows.

Demand Planning

By implementing world class processes, I eliminated an organisation’s inherent bias, improved their forecast accuracy by 10 points and allowed the Sales Organisation to have an excellent understanding of what was happening with their customer base.

Supply Planning

By implementing world class processes, I helped a pan European organisation understanding their production bottlenecks and react to these before it hit their sales / profitability.  I have also successfully implemented new planning and scheduling processes resulting in a 15% output increase.

I have worked across various industries (heavy manufacturing, automotive, food) with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. 

Through my career my understanding of how IT systems work have allowed me to deliver superior value to customers.