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Alex Stuart

I joined Hatmill in July 2018 after 10 years working for the German discount retailer, Lidl. I felt Hatmill offered me the platform from which to deliver high profile projects to a large range of clients, as well as offering me a great opportunity to really broaden my knowledge within the logistics and supply chain industry.

My career with Lidl was predominantly split in two, with the first half spent as an Area Manager responsible for multiple retail stores across South and East Yorkshire. However, 6 years in I was eager to explore other areas of the business and jumped at the chance to move into logistics.

Based out of Lidl's busiest DC in County Durham, I took up position as Operations Manager looking after a team of over 250 employees, fulfilling store orders across ambient, fresh, temperature and non-food product groups. I thoroughly enjoyed the autonomy, pace of the role and most of all the environment, conceding to the bet with my line manager at the time that I would not return to Sales. Within the first 18 months I led the operations team through both a DC extension project, simultaneously with a full warehouse reconfiguration.

With my new passion for logistics cemented, combined with an intense first two years, I moved to Lidl head office to head up national projects as an executive logistics consultant. During this time I fortunate to be able to lead project teams in the development and roll out of three DCs across the UK. I was responsible for working with the other internal heads of departments including Procurement, Construction, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain and HR, to ensure each £60m DC was delivered successfully and on time.

I gained a lot of experience during this period, as each DC was unique all with their own geographical challenges, variety of differing stakeholders and individual configurations. I also headed up projects reviewing the processing capacity of our non-food returns centre in the Midlands, resulting in increased process capacity of 75% with knock on improvements in productivity for our colleagues in stores.

After 12 months in head office, I decided to move back into an operational role as General Manager of a regional DC, responsible for 350 employees and servicing stores across the Midlands, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. I was responsible for overseeing the intake, selection and distribution of ambient, non-food, temperature & fresh product groups, as well as buildings maintenance, store recycling and distribution.

I am really excited about my future with Hatmill, being part of a team with outstanding knowledge from whom to learn from, as well as delivering clear and achievable solutions for our clients!