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I’m Roger Quemby and I’ve been working within the Logistics Automation sector for over 30 years.

I started my carrier within the industry working as a project engineer for Rapistan Lande (now Vanderlande), a major European materials handling systems supplier, working on developing infrastructure designs for Warehouses, Fulfilment and Distribution centres. I remained within the supplier industry for 23 years (also working for Dematic and FKI Logistex) and as my knowledge and experience grew, I moved into team management and internal consultancy, and was heavily involved in the design and implementation of many large mechanised and automated sites across a range of industrial sectors including Fashion, Mail Order, FMCG, Electronics and Aviation.

Throughout my time in the industry I’ve seen the range and complexity of innovative new technology entering the market grow significantly. Knowing whether equipment this suitable for a specific application is a bewildering choice to end users and informed, unbiased, independent advice can be hard to find. Seeing this, 11 years ago I decided to move into consultancy as “poacher turned gamekeeper” where I could apply the knowledge and experience I’d gained and use it to help clients get the best from their existing operations or support them in the design, procurement and implementation of new.

Recent assignments include:

  • Working with a Global sportswear company, I lead the design and tendering process of a 42m high mini-load carton storage facility.
  • Reviewing the operation of the National Distribution Centre for a global drinks company. Here I identified a multi-million pound cost saving opportunity through stock rationalisation and alternative storage arrangements.
  • Providing warehouse reviews across Central and South America, Africa, Russia and South Korea for a global tobacco company. The output of the study was a reconfiguration of finished good pallet build and racking structure to deliver significant increases in storage density.
  • Developing the mechanise infrastructure to support the final mile sorting process for a Global Internet company. This enabled them to operate from a smaller site and process the parcels in s shorter time frame.
  • Review of the existing National Parcel Hub for a major UK Parcel Carrier and developed the future visioning document showing how the site capacity can be increase if required.
  • Working for a global drinks company I worked on the development of a pilot KPI capture, visualisation and review process for the in-house logistics and 3PL teams. The pilot was a success and the process is now being rolled out internationally.
  • Review for an International Parcel Hub for a UK Parcel Carrier. This was a well-established site, however over the years there had been a number changes within the operations team and this had led to a loss of understanding of the key operating principles. The review identified the areas where operational practices needed to be modified and the site efficiency was significantly increased.
  • Working with a Global sportwear company, carrying out an end to end review of their long-established footwear order fulfilment facility. The output of the study was a series of recommendations to modify both the infrastructure and operational strategy to meet the challenges generated by shorter lead time and the rapid growth of their internet business.