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Developing a Category Management process to drive sales and profit for a leading UK wholesaler

A leading UK wholesaler needed a new commercial framework for managing categories and launching plans to both retail customers and depots that would help drive sales and profit.

The solution: Hatmill provided the client with a commercial framework and a 7 step Category Management (Cat Man) process to help them drive category sales and profit.

Executive Summary

Project Description:

Hatmill were asked to help the client improve their sales and profit through the creation of a Cat Man process.

Project Challenges:

The client was facing challenges such as:

  • Poor product hierarchy, making day to day analysis difficult
  • No annual range reviews, no benchmarking performance against external market data
  • Lack of product dimensions, poor master data
  • Too many products on sale which clog up the depots and result in mark-downs

Hatmill’s Solution:

In order to help the client, we developed a 2 pronged solution:

  1. Cat Man framework, to ensure the building blocks were in place to deliver Cat Man across the business. These building blocks included enhanced processes, systems or capability.
  2. Built a Cat Man process to suit the client’s needs – a 7 step process that every category goes through. Each step of the process has clear objectives, milestones and outputs. Cross functional teams contributed to each step.
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