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Identifying the optimum location for a warehouse move for an international logistics provider

An international logistics provider needed to relocate part of their operation that involved the distribution of carpets and floor coverings for European suppliers to UK retailers

The solution: Hatmill provided the client with a model which enabled them to explore multiple future scenarios to drive their future growth

Executive Summary

Project Description:

Hatmill were asked to identify the optimum location for the client to distribute carpets and floor coverings from European suppliers to UK customers, due to the impending redevelopment of their port facility. In addition to this, Hatmill were asked to identify short term productivity improvements in the existing site to minimise costs prior to a future move.

Project Challenges:

The client was facing challenges such as:

  • Limited availability of warehouse space and expensive alternatives in their existing location
  • A complex and geographically widespread supplier base across Benelux
  • A diverse range of UK customers both in size and location
  • Legacy processes and practices which led to inefficient and unproductive operations

Hatmill’s Solution:

In order to help the client, achieve their supply chain goals we:

  • Studied their current operations identifying several areas for operational improvement
  • Analysed client data alongside external data such as ferry crossing routes, space and labour costs and centre of gravities to identify potential UK based locations
  • Developed a model with the potential UK locations with variable inputs to explore multiple future scenarios
  • Combined the outputs of the models with demographic data to identify the optimum location for a new DC
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