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Preparing for warehouse automation. A step-by-step guide for the savvy Supply Chain Director

Preparing for warehouse automation | Hatmill | Supply Chain advisors

The use of automation is on the rise. There are two main reasons; shortages of available labour, or a lack of capacity in a site.
It’s predicted that more than 50,000 warehouses worldwide will integrate robotics in the next six years, an increase of more than 12 times what it is today1.
If you are running out of useable space on-site or need to boost productivity, an automated solution could be the answer.
In our work as supply chain and logistics advisors, we’ve helped small, medium and large organisations to develop strategy, design, plan and implement fully automated, part- automated and manual warehouse solutions.
In this step-by-step guide, we share our insight and experience and go through considerations for businesses when determining whether warehouse automation solutions or suppliers are right for your warehouse.

  • What is warehouse automation, and do you need it?
  • Automation versus mechanisation
  • How to approach research & planning
  • When you meet suppliers
  • Choosing the right partner
  • Managing the risks
  • Best practice for modelling & tendering
  • Case studies - Putting it into practice

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1: Source - ABI Research