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Supporting the implementation of a forecasting and replenishment solution for a leading UK wholesaler

A leading UK wholesaler, serving over 125,000 independent retailers, required a forecasting and replenishment solution in order to drive down stockholding whilst maintaining availability across their estate.  A JustEnough solution was selected to achieve these goals, but additional support was required to ensure the business could drive the best results possible.

The solution: Hatmill were engaged to support the client with their business implementation journey.

Executive Summary

Project Description:

In order to help the client achieve their availability and stockholding goals, Hatmill were engaged to support the implementation of a forecasting and replenishment system.

Project Challenges:

The client was facing numerous implementation challenges such as:

  • Existing behaviours around the ordering and buying of stock required a dramatic change. Previously, the client had achieved great success through buying large volumes at great prices but now wanted to ensure that working capital was sensibly managed
  • The user base had concerns over the future business proposal and had requested a number of modifications which didn’t take advantage of the JustEnough core functionality
  • There was an inflight integration of two master systems which caused a number of data feed anomalies seen in the JustEnough system

Hatmill’s Solution:

In order to help the client:

  • A communication strategy was designed and delivered to ensure all the Supply Chain team were bought into the project goals
  • Core product training sessions were provided to walk the team through the advantages of the JustEnough system functionality
  • Daily and weekly issue escalation routes were defined with root cause analysis for every recorded item
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