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Logistics Operations

You might want to reduce costs, improve efficiency, accuracy or utilisation. We have helped many of our clients to achieve this and we can help you do the same.

Whatever your challenge, we follow a structured process that allows us to identify the root cause of the problem and work with you to develop a sustainable solution.

We objectively assess your workflows and processes to identify, recommend and implement operational improvements

We analyse your requirements to develop and design the optimal layout to fully utilise your warehouse to create an efficient and effective operation

We identify and investigate opportunities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your operation through automation or mechanisation

We work with you to either ensure your current WMS fits your requirements or to specify, select and implement a new WMS for you with all the functionality you need to support your operation

Transport Operations

The cost, performance and effectiveness of your transport operations can have a major impact on your business. We help organisations identify, control and manage the levers affecting these in order to optimise their transport solutions.

From route planning and consolidation, to subcontractor and performance management; we have experience in achieving sustainable and measurable cost savings and efficiency improvements.

We analyse your current transport operations to identify consolidation, route optimisation, backhaul and fleet selection opportunities

We manage the tender process from beginning to end; from invitation to tender through to implementation

We ensure your carriers are providing you with the best possible costs and service, and re-negotiate arrangements where required

We manage the tender process from beginning to end; from invitation to tender through to implementation

Forecasting and inventory management

We have experience of resolving a wide range of stock forecasting and management issues with clients

Our experience ranges from scoping, tendering and implementing a systematic forecasting model for a large automotive distributor to increasing the forecast accuracy for an e-commerce business experiencing double digit growth

We manage the tender process and advise on systems or systems that fit the clients’ needs

We plan the transition process into the new system and aid with the testing process to ensure your new system is implemented successfully

We analyse your current inventory holding and replenishment processes to understand where significant improvements and cost savings can be made

Network Modelling & Expansion

Moving businesses to new logistics premises is one of our core services


Whatever the reasons, we want to make sure that your move goes smoothly without disrupting your supply chain, and delivers the cost benefits that you seek. We work with you to help you understand what distribution network you need, both now and in the future.

We carry out in-depth analysis on the current and future requirements of your business

We combine our expertise and your requirements to help you choose an optimum location for your new site

We calculate the cost of your new solution to help you make the right decision

Cost to Serve

We can work with you to create a cost to serve model or piece of analysis

We calculate the actual cost of buying, handling, storing and moving the products, rather than the traditional accounting method of the blanket distribution of costs across a number of product categories. This process involves the analysis of the end to end supply chain and the consideration of a number of factors such as volume, processing costs, transportation methods and warehouse productivity

We examine the end to end costs of your supply chain to give you full visibility of the true cost of your business activities

We complete in-depth analysis allowing us to attribute cost to specific business activities

We create bespoke cost models using your data and our experience to enable you to understand the cost implications of future decisions to your business

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