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Virtual Demand Forecaster

Better forecasts, real-world recommendations, on-hand support

We help small, medium and large-sized companies improve the accuracy of their demand forecasts using advanced algorithms and proven forecasting techniques. Through improved demand planning, we can help your business save money and improve the customer experience.

In our work as experienced supply chain advisors, we have developed a bespoke, tried-and-tested sales and demand forecasting methodology to deliver more dependable forecasts for our clients.

We know that for many organisations, the process of sales forecasting can be cumbersome, frustrating and expensive. To make things worse, the outcomes often aren't accurate. The data is often lacking and not trusted by management to aid in decision making. This costs money; whether it’s lost sales and unsatisfied customers or excess inventory and warehouse space.


✓ Our proven sales forecast methodology and stress-testing of data, along with comparisons to actual figures and continual improvements to processes, means a more accurate forecast that you can depend on
✓ We have a specialist team of supply chain and demand analysts working with you, so regardless of your in-house resources, you will benefit from dependable, accurate and timely forecasting
✓ Outsourcing sales forecasts means that the MD, Sales and Finance can focus on 'the day job' and growing the business
✓ We do the heavy lifting for you, bringing together current and historical data to create a robust and dependable way of predicting demand
✓ As well as delivering to you the forecasting reports, our experienced team will help you spot trends and patterns, and make real-world recommendations that your teams can implement
✓ You will have forecasts that you can depend on, meaning your teams make more informed decisions around purchasing and planning (and better customer experience)

Our approach

Our experienced team of supply chain consultants and demand planning analysts can work with you to create a more dependable, accurate forecast. We take the forecasting burden away so that you and your teams can focus on the most important aspects of your jobs:

  • Sales can focus on the external market and the customer
  • Managing Directors and CEOs can focus on running the business and strategic planning
  • Finance can have trust in the numbers and realise cost savings


Why outsource your demand forecasting?

Clients choose to outsource their sales forecasting to Hatmill because we have years of experience in improving supply chain and logistics operations for businesses. Understanding how to forecast sales accurately is the bedrock of good supply chain management.
With increasing demand volatility and rapidly-evolving market conditions, reliable forecasting models are vital to your success. Here are the sales forecasting benefits for your business:

  • A more accurate forecast reduces costs; no more working capital tied up in excess stock, no more revenue lost to failed 'out-of-stock' sales
  • Our pricing plan is a cost-effective and flexible option compared to both purchasing expensive specialist software, and the cost of recruiting and employing dedicated staff with this (rare) skillset
  • You can better understand customer behaviour and buying patterns, and we can spot anomalies or trends before they hit

We improve the accuracy of demand projections and sales forecasts, giving you more predictability of the demand curve.

How it works

We work collaboratively with teams across your organisation, whether it’s marketing, sales, finance or supply chain, during both the onboarding period and the subsequent monthly cycles.


The discovery phase

We'll work with your people and look at your existing systems and processes so that we're sure we can deliver value to you from the outset. We will extract key information and align with our advanced forecasting techniques, working closely with your team every step of the way.


Five steps to delivering a more insightful, accurate demand forecast

  1. We combine your historical and current demand data with three core elements: the skills of our specialist team, our proven processes and methodology, and our tried-and-tested forecasting tools and systems.
  2. The forecasts are challenged and stress-tested in a monthly cycle. For example, we test for seasonal variation and bias, and interrogate data for trends and patterns; this often means we can spot trends on the horizon.
  3. We can incorporate any promotional information to enhance the accuracy of forecasts.
  4. We regularly compare our forecasts to actual demand, so that we can continuously learn from your customers’ behaviour and review the data as appropriate.
  5. We won’t just deliver you a bunch of numbers. As well as timely forecasting reports, we take a commercial approach and make recommendations that you can implement.

Meet the team

Karl-Eric Devaux – Demand Planner
Karl-Eric has over 15 years’ experience in demand and supply planning. Before joining Hatmill, he designed, developed and led Demand Planning processes for a European FMCG company, then for a global Tier-1 automotive company.

Chris Shaw – End-to-end Customer Supply Chain
Chris has over 15 years’ experience across the end-to-end customer supply chain. He’s led an FMCG Demand and Supply Planning team supplying UK&I grocery customers, delivering customer service levels over 98.5%.

Matt Hill – Forecasting and Demand Data
Matt's background is in forecasting system development and implementation. He previously managed the Supply Chain Optimisation team at one of the Big 4 retailers.

Harry Muller – Forecasting and Demand Data
Harry holds a 1st-Class degree in Mathematics. Most recently, he reviewed and improved the demand forecasting methods for a leading pet food manufacturer, which resulted in a 20% increase in forecast accuracy and led the review of inventory targets.

How much does demand planning cost?

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